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Front Street Canadian Energy Resource Fund

Fund manager:
Norm Lamarche

**Formerly Front Street Canadian Energy Fund, changed as of February 12, 2010**
**Formerly Front Street Mining Opportunities Fund**

Objective: To provide superior performance through capital appreciation in the Canadian resource market by investing in a diversified portfolio of Canadian securities in large, medium and small-cap companies engaged in mining, minerals and precious metals.

Performance is enhanced by the ability to invest in smaller, more speculative securities within a hedge mandate that allows the manager to long and short securities. The Fund may also invest in secondary or support industries, such as drilling services, engineering companies, and other suppliers.
Front Street Mining Opportunities may also invest up to 10% directly in related commodities.

Returns as at 11.30.2014*

1 month Year-to-Date 1 year 3 year 5 year 10 year CAGR
-12.2% -1.4% 3.0% -16.1% -9.4% n/a 2.6%

Value Added Monthly Index (VAMI) Since Inception

Value added monthly index chart
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Sector Allocation

as at 9/30/2014

Top Ten Holdings

as at 9/30/2014; listed alphabetically

  • CanElson Drilling Inc.
  • Ceiba Energy Services Inc
  • Gear Energy Limited
  • Kelt Exploration Limited
  • Leucrotta Exploration Inc.
  • Mapan Energy Limited
  • Petroamerica Oil Corporation
  • RMP Energy Inc.
  • Spartan Energy Corporation
  • Xtreme Drilling and Coil Services
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** Please Note that Front Street Canadian Energy Fund was formerly Front Street Mining Opportunities Fund. The name change is the result of an adjustment to the investment strategy. Click here for further information.
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